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Fall From Grace by Glaive-Silver

As I have said many times before, I give a great deal of credit to artists who can make their fan-art closely resemble the style and look of the original source material, and this picture is no exception. The lines, the colouring, the way it feels like an actual flash image. If I hadn’t been told this was fan-art, I’d actually mistake this for something made by the show’s actual animators. So on that count, it looks great.

As for what the picture’s about, again I’m impressed. The artist has done a fine job in capturing the feel of the moment. You look at this picture and you can almost feel the frustration and anger that the character of Luna is going through in this scenario. The addition of darker elements, like the dark magic twisting up her leg and the cat-like irises of her eyes, all add to the feeling that this is a character who is close to the ends, ready to tip over.

As mentioned in the description, this is actually a companion picture to an earlier work by this artist, the latter of which depicted Luna’s sister, Celestia, challenging her. Having now looked at both pictures I can safely say that this one is a good match for the older picture. I can see both in my head right now and it is a truly powerful image.

However, the one area this picture lets itself down on is originality. At this point I have seen many pictures depicting Luna’s turn to the dark side, so I can’t really say this picture is breaking new ground by being about this subject. However, I’ve never felt that originality was the be-all-end-all of any picture’s quality. Just because something’s been done before doesn’t make another attempt at it any less good because of it. So even though it loses some points for originality, know that this does not bother me in the slightest. It’s still a good picture.

Overall while I can’t say this is the best Luna picture I’ve seen on DeviantArt, It’s certainly a very well-made picture in it’s own right. The art work is good to look at and consistent with the style of the show. The events it depicts carry enough emotion to get the viewer wrapped up in what’s going on and the whole thing has a very professional feel about it.

A very worthy piece of art.
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26 out of 27 deviants thought this was fair.


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