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September 22, 2012
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There was frantic chattering all over as the nurses and doctors kept wheeling the patient through the doors.

Princess Cadence was lying on a wheeled table, being moved quickly down the hallway of the hospital, her belly swollen over the last few months. Today was the day. Alongside the doctors was her husband, Shining Armour, who had her hoof in his as they kept moving.

"It's okay honey! Everything's going to be fine!" He said reassuringly.

Cadence smiled back at him. She opened her mouth to reply to him but suddenly winced and she placed her free hoof over her midriff. This clearly caused the doctors some worry.

"Her contractions are getting more frequent! Call in more nurses!" One of them ordered.

A nearby nurse nodded and ran off to carry out the order. Meanwhile, the rest of them had finally arrived at their destination, the delivery room. They opened the doors and moved the table and princess inside. As they moved in. One of the doctors stepped aside and stood between Shining and the door, leading to the latter raising his eyebrow in confusion.

"I'm sorry captain. But given the delicate procedure, we'll have to ask you to remain out here for the time being."

This comment caused Shining's expression to change, into a look that would have caused most to run away in fear. And judging by the shaking the doctor was doing whilst looking at him, he was probably close to doing just that. Shining approached him slowly until their faces were barely an inch away from each other.

"And how exactly do you propose to keep me out?"

The doctor considered a response, but thought better of it, instead standing aside to allow the stallion in. Shining nodded in appreciation as the doctor, now relieved that his life was no longer at risk, closed the door behind them both.


They ran as fast as they could, charging down the hallway in a desperate attempt to find the right room. There were eight of them in total. Six mare, a stallion, and a baby dragon who brought up the rear. Twilight Sparkle, her closes friends, her colt-friend Dusk and Spike were all running throughout the hospital, trying to find the delivery room.

They'd all been given urgent messages from Princess Celestia about what was happening and wasted no time in getting here. They took the earliest train and had spent every moment since then trying to get to the hospital. Now they were here and tensions were running high.

"Hurry up! We have to get there quickly!" Twilight shouted.

The others, still panting from all the running they'd been doing, understood how important this was to her, but still, Applejack decided to voice their collective thoughts.

"Calm down Twi! We only got the message a few hours ago. I reckon the foal wouldn't have come so soon."

But Twilight wasn't listening. To her, getting to that room was more important than the practicality of the situation, a rarity, given her usual nature. The others just resigned themselves to following her as best they could, with the exception of Pinkie Pie, who merely kept bouncing her way behind them.

"Wow. I can't believe it's been nine months already! What a fun time it's been. All those adventures. Hey, remember the time when we......HEY!"

She was cut short by the sight of everypony so far ahead of her and she ran faster to catch up. She didn't have to do so for long, because they all came to a grinding halt as they finally reached the delivery room. They all panted to try and catch their breath, except for Twilight who was moving towards the door. However, she was soon stopped by an approaching nurse from the other side of the hallway.


They all turned to look at her.

"I'm terribly sorry. But there's a very important delivery going on in there. We can't allow anyone in right now until the whole thing's over." She said.

Twilight looked frustrated, and it looked to her friends that she might try and complain about the situation. But, much to their surprise, she merely sighed and nodded, accepting the situation. However, she did decide to make a request.

"Um, nurse? The one giving birth in there is my sister-in-law. Could you please let her know that I'm here?"

The nurse considered this for a moment before giving a small nod. She opened the door and went inside. A few moments passed before finally the doors opened again. It was not the nurse, but someone far more pleasing to Twilight's sight right now. Her brother.

"Twily!" He said happily.

The two hugged each other before moving away from each other.

"How is she?" Twilight asked.

Shining's expression turned from a smile to one of worry and nervousness.

"Everything's going fine. The doctors say the birth should go just swell."

His trembling voice betrayed his apparently calm and collected exterior. Twilight knew her brother well enough to know when he was trying to hide something. In this case it was how nervous he was. And she could not fault him for that. This was, after all, the birth of his first child. As such, she gently placed a hoof on his shoulder. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment and there was a brief moment of unspoken understanding between them. Shining gave a small smile and nodded.

Before anyone could say anything else however, a nurse burst out of the door behind him.

"Sir! It's happening!" She said.

Shining's eyes widened as he ran off back through the doors, with the nurse in close pursuit. The rest of the ground just stood outside the delivery room, giving each other nervous and worried looks. This was clearly a stressful time for all involved and made all the worse by the knowledge that all they could do right now was sit and wait.

But that's exactly what they did, pacing up and down the hallway, looking at the nearby clocks as the minutes rolled on, staring at the door for any sign that somepony might come out and let them know what was going on. But as time went on, nothing happened. Twilight was growing more and more restless. That was her brother and sister-in-law in that room and she wasn't able to help them in the slightest. Needless to say, she was upset by that notion. But the others tried their best to comfort her as best they could.

After what seemed like an eternity though, the doors opened. Everyone jumped  at the sound of the door swinging opened. Their eyes locked onto the one coming through. Shining. He approached Twilight, who's expression made it clear that she wanted to know what had happened. And her brother gave her an answer.

He smiled and gave a nod.

Twilight's face broke out into a massive smile as the two embraced each other tightly.

"How's the foal?" She asked.

This caused Shining to give a brief chuckle.


The room went dead quiet as Twilight's friends looked at each other for a moment before turning back to Shining. Twilight let go of her brother and looked at him. Her confused expression led him to clarify.

"It's twins." He said happily.

For a moment, nopony said anything. Then, Twilight managed to break out into an even bigger smile than before. But instead of hugging Shining, she looked over to the door of the delivery room. Seeing this, Shining chuckled once more and gave his sister a nod, giving her permission. The two siblings walked together towards and door and pushed them open. The other decided to leave this moment to the family for the time being and stayed where they were.

With the door closed behind them, Twilight looked on, stunned by the sight in front of her. Cadence was lying there in bed, smiling as she saw Twilight enter. The purple unicorn's eyes were drawn to Cadence's forelegs, which were each holding a white bundle of cloth. Her children.

In the right, it was a tiny unicorn colt. His fur was white, like his father's. His mane was a deep blue with a small blonde streak, presumably inherited from his mother.  His was sleeping quietly.

In Cadence's left foreleg, Twilight was even more surprised by what she saw. Cadence's second child was a filly. And not merely a unicorn like her brother, but an alicorn! Her fur, like her mother's was a light pink. Like her brother, she too had inherited Shining blue mane. Her tiny wings instinctively flapping despite being too young to fly.

As Twilight looked on, she could not help but think of how small they both looked. She'd seen newly-born foals before but she still could never get over just how tiny they were, how fragile. Cadence held them both as though they were the most important things in the world. And, of course, being their mother, that was probably how she saw them. Twilight, much like how she felt the last time se witnessed two newly-born foals, secretly thought to herself just how utterly adorable the two of them were, especially in their sleep.

As joyous as it was than an alicorn had been born, Twilight was simply happy that they were both there. Shining Armour walked past Twilight and stood next to his wife and children. The married couple looked lovingly at each other and kissed. When they broke away, Cadence nodded to Twilight, inviting her over. The mare did so but kept her eyes on the foals. She had never smiled so long before. Her mouth was staring to ach from it, but it didn't matter to her. Like the two parents, she was unbelievably happy.

"Congratulation. Both of you." She said quietly, making sure not to wake them.

The two smiled at each other before Cadence spoke up.

"Thank you Twilight. Would you like to know their names?" She asked.

The question had surprised Twilight. She had not expected them to have figured out names already. But still, she wasn't going to decline an offer like that. Instead, she nodded in response. Shining placed a hoof gently on the head of his son.

"This is Blaze." He said.

Then Cadence gestured to her alicorn daughter, who was still sleeping.

"And this is Star".

Twilight looked at both foals in-turn. Her niece and nephew. The words still sounded strange to her, but she still could not have been happier about all this. And from the looks of the parents, so could they. The two had tears in their eyes as they brushed their heads against one another. When they broke away, they looked down at their children, with the tear now going down their cheeks.

Twilight decided that it was perhaps time to let the four of them have their time alone. She placed a hoof on Shining's shoulder and gave him a nod, followed by a smile towards Cadence. The two smiled back, understanding what she meant. The purple unicorn turned away and walked away from this happy scene, making sure to open and close the door as quietly as possible.

On the other side, she saw he friends gathered, all looking expectantly at her. Twilight just smiled at they stared at her. Finally, Dusk broke the silence.

"Well? Is everything okay?" He asked.

Twilight's smile grew as she nodded in response.

"Yes. Everything's.........perfect."
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