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Though the still air and calm of the moment would give the impression of peace, things were anything but. Applejack, noted member of the Apple family, stood at the front gates of her ancestral home, Sweet Apple Acres. Though once a lush and green orchard, this place had been reduced to little more than a food factory, churning out cans for the greater good, for the war. To see her home in such a light, even after all this time, ached for her, but even so, she knew she had other and more important things to focus on. So, she stood there, decked out in her usual work clothes, watching with baited breath at the horizon. Moment after moment, minute after minute passed for her, and still nothing. Ponyville, or at least what remained of it these days, was as silent as the grave. And yet, even so, she kept waiting. For she knew that, given who was to arrive, one had no choice but to keep to their place.

However, after what seemed like an eternity of standing still, the mare’s patience was rewarded. She saw movement, far away. Ponies, moving closer with every passing second, causing her to squint to try and get a better look. Sure enough, there she was, a bright light amidst the dimness of the surrounding area; Princess Celestia herself. The regal alicorn, the leader of their people, the very symbol of their hope, now walked towards her and her home, standing tall and imposing, just as Applejack had always imagined her to be. Almost instinctively, she got to her knees, keeping her head low so as to not offend the approaching monarch. But ever she heard the approach of hoof-steps, growing ever closer. In time, they stopped, and a silence took its place. In these moments, Applejack held her breath, though thankfully not for long, for a soothing, almost motherly tone now filled her ears.

“You are Applejack, yes?”

Slowly, the earth pony raised her head, looking upon the face of Equestria’s leader. To say that she was intimidated would have been a great understatement, for she now found that she was incapable of saying even the simplest word. Instead, she gave a nod, confirming her identity. Nodding, Celestia looked away from her for a moment, taking in the nearby factory. Rumours of her poker face were not understating it, as Applejack could not, for the life of her, read what the princess was thinking as she stared at this once-beautiful place. Eventually though, she looked down at her, gesturing with her hoof for her to stand. Nodding, Applejack did exactly that, getting to her hooves and dusting herself off a little before clearing her throat.

“It’s…it’s…it’s mighty kind of ya ta come all the way out here, yer majesty.”

Celestia, while maintaining a neutral expression, gave a brief nod.

“Indeed. Most days I find myself in more…ACTIVE locales.”

Applejack looked away from her with that, silently ashamed of herself for causing the princess to think yet again of the war. Even here, there was no peace for her. Nevertheless, the princess continued to speak, getting Applejack’s attention once more.

“However…when word reaches my ears about the sighting of an ALICORN…”

Looking down to Applejack, Celestia’s eyes narrowed a little.

“…one I have never known of…THAT gets my attention, Miss Apples.”

Nodding, Applejack opened her mouth, ready to reply, only to be stopped when another, harsher voice spoke up instead.

“Be warned, farmer, that the princess has far more important tasks to attend to. If this is some kind of prank…there will be consequences.”

Applejack turned, looking for the one who had spoken, and it was here that she finally took note of the ponies who had accompanied the princess here. There were three in total, all mares. Two earth ponies and a pegasus. From the look on her face, it was clear that it was the latter who had spoken. Bearing a distinct scar and, to Applejack’s shock, a prosthetic wing, it was obvious from looking that this rainbow-maned mare was a soldier, perhaps even one who had been at the front with the princess herself. Beside her were the two earth pony mares, one with bright pink colours and the other with grey fur and a purple mane, both similarly dressed, and looking a combination of glum and disinterested. For a moment, Applejack thought that they looked quite alike. Relatives perhaps? Regardless, she hadn’t the time to think on it, as Celestia spoke up soon afterwards.

“You’ll forgive my Captain, Miss Applejack. She and her lieutenants are rather protective of me.”

To that, Applejack gave a brief bow of her head.

“It ain’t no worry, Ma’am. Ah understand.”

Celestia nodded to her in turn, before turning her attention to the surrounding land around them.

“So…shall we go? I wish to see this, what was it, magic table you spoke of?”

Applejack nodded again, gesturing with her hoof in the desired direction. Looking over, Celestia began to walk there, flanked by her three guards. Applejack hastily trotted alongside the princess, always more than a little wary, especially when the latter spoke up again.

“I read the report…but I would prefer to hear it from you personally. Tell me everything of your experiences with this alicorn you say you witnessed.”

Applejack let out a sigh, having known full well that such a thing would be expected of her. So, taking a few calming breaths, and continuing her walk with the four mares, she did as she was asked. For the bulk of their journey, she told them everything. The alicorn named Twilight Sparkle. Her claims of time travel. The notion that the world they were in wasn’t how it should be. All this and more was talked about as they made their way, and while Celestia herself remained calm and thoughtful in her expression during this tale, her guards were less than interested, with the scarred one in particular seeming incredulous at the whole thing. Eventually though, and after Applejack had finished saying her piece, they turned a corner on the borders of Sweet Apple Acres, and for the first time, the farmer’s face lit up somewhat.

“Alrighty, yer majesty. The map is just around this…”

But, her words caught in her breath, for as she and the princess turned that corner, she found, to her horror, that while she was indeed looking right at the spot where the table had stood, it was no longer there. She froze, as if a statue, and took many deep breaths, her heart racing as she now knew how this must have looked. It was a fear soon confirmed with Celestia’s next words.

“Miss Apples…I see no table there.”

Applejack’s head darted in her direction, and then back to where the table had been, and before saying anything, she ran in its direction, stopping at that exact location, looking around herself as if expecting it to magically turn up.

“Ah…ah SWEAR to ya, it was HERE!”

Before the princess had a chance to say anything, the pink mare among her guard rushed forward stopping just short of Applejack’s face, and bearing a look of utter fury.

“Do you think this is some kind of JOKE?!”

Applejack, needless to say, took a step back, fearful at the enraged mare before her.

“But…but ah…”

But, she was interrupted when the mare spoke up again, her voice practically seething with fury.

“The princess works hard every day to help protect our people, to fight for the survival of me and you, and here YOU are, wasting her time with childish stories!”

Applejack’s breathing was heavy now, and she looked down to where the table once stood.

“But…it AIN’T a story! It was HERE!”

Before the pink mare could say anything else, the other earth pony, with the purple mane, walked beside her. And while her expression was just as dull as it had been this entire trip, her voice, though at first sounding monotonous, nevertheless contained a frustrated tint to it.

“The princess does not have the luxury to be away from the front-lines like this, and CERTAINLY not for the false pretences that YOU seem to be bringing up.”

Applejack was truly at a loss for words now, unable to come up with anything to defend herself. Although, as before, even if she HAD spoken, she’d have been interrupted yet again, as this time, it was the turn of the scarred mare, with the fake wing, to speak. She approached the farmer, her eyes bearing distinct menace to them, her voice low, almost like a growl.

“Maybe…maybe bringing the princess here was your goal all along. Maybe getting her away from the front, away from the FIGHT, was what you WANTED.”

The other mares looked to her, with the pink one especially looking like she knew where this was going. As for Applejack, she shook her head, fear of the surrounding mares now gripping her.

“No! It ain’t like that! Ah…”

But the rainbow-maned mare stopped her, looking to her with utter bile in her expression.

“I think we have ourselves one of Sombra’s filthy SPIES!”

The other mares began to approach Applejack in a menacing manner, apparently already having come to the same conclusion. Applejack, by obvious contrast, began to back away, looking utterly mortified at the situation she’d found herself in.

“No! Ah swear ah’m tellin the truth! The alicorn was HERE! There was this map and…and…and she had a little baby dragon with her and…”

But the rainbow mare merely narrowed her eyes.

“I’ve heard enough! Take her into custody!”

Applejack watched in horror as this moment unfolded before her eyes. But, to her everlasting relief, they all halted the moment that well-known motherly tone spoke up from afar.


The guards all stopped, turning in unison to Celestia, who was beginning to walk in their direction. They all watched her, seeing her walk right past them, and instead take a step onto the spot where Applejack had been claiming that the table had been. There was silence, and during that silence, Celestia looked as if she was deep in thought over something, almost half confused about what was going on. Naturally, all the others were equally perplexed by this, but stayed silent, even as their princess began to close her eyes.

“I…I feel something. It is…a feeling I have not encountered since…”

Slowly, she raised a single white hoof, stretching it out before her, as if trying to feel the air around her. Moment after moment passed as everypony else watched her do this, but, in the end, her eyes snapped open, her expression one of sheer shock.

“…the tree.”

Another few moments of silence passed, and after it was all done, the princess turned to her guards.

“Stand down. Miss Apples is not to me harmed.”

While the two earth pony guards gave a salute, the pegasus looked to her monarch with confusion.

“Your majesty?”

Turning, Celestia looked right at Applejack.

“I believe her.”

And in the moment, all became clear. The pegasus turned, looking at Applejack for a while, before letting out a sigh and turning once more to Celestia, giving a deep bow as she did so.

“As you command.”

Nodding to that, Celestia gestured with her hoof, giving a silent command for her guards to leave. Seeing this, the three mares all saluted, before the pegasus began to lead the other two away from Celestia and Applejack. After a while, the farmer let out a long exhale, one that she’d been keeping in for some time now. And slowly, she took a nervous step forward the princess.

“Ya…ya really DO believe me?”

Celestia nodded.

“I do. I confess I was as sceptical as my Captain for a while…but the feel of this place confirms it.”

Looking into the distance, Celestia narrowed her eyes somewhat.

“So…time travel.”

Applejack stayed quiet, watching as the princess looked to her once more.

“It would appear that there was indeed another alicorn here. As for the table not being here…perhaps whatever she sought to do has reached its end.”

Applejack looked down, right at the area where the table once stood.

“Princess…Twilight said none of this should have happened. Sombra. The war. All this fightin. She said she was goin ta fix it. If the table ain’t here, then…then does that mean she…she didn’t make it?”

Celestia considered that, looking once more like she was thinking hard on the matter.

“Even in the days when our greatest unicorns weren’t called to the fight, it was always theoretical. Time travel and the like. Even the smartest could only ever speculate on the subject. After all, this WAS the very field in which the famed Starswirl himself could not succeed.”

Turning, the princess looked back to the farmer.

“But to answer your question, Miss Apples, I would say that there’s little chance of us ever knowing if she succeeded at her task or not. Although…even if she HAD…I doubt that WE would notice.”

Confused by that, Applejack raised an eyebrow before replying.

“Wha…what do ya mean?”

Celestia gave a sigh before giving an answer to that.

“It’s complicated, to say the least. But to put it simply, when one alters the past, they create an entirely new present, a new WORLD. And that world…it will continue to exist, no matter if the past change is rectified.”

Looking back to Applejack, Celestia’s expression was one of utter seriousness.

“If this Twilight Sparkle you speak of did indeed undo that which she sought to, while it may appear to HER that all became right with the world, in truth, she merely enabled herself to go back to her own timeline, to her WORLD. And THIS world…”

Turning to the once green field around them, Celestia shut her eyes before continuing.

“…this world will continue its path regardless of her efforts.”

Applejack stood there, mouth agape at having heard that, all while Celestia continued to look away.

“To think…all of this…because of ONE change.”

She sighed as that notion became more and more clear in her mind. But, when she glanced to the side, she stopped. For she had noticed something about Applejack. A slight glint in one of her eyes as she looked at the ground. And Celestia knew a tear when she saw one. Taking a step closer to the farmer, the princess began to speak in a calm and soothing manner.

“Miss Apples?”

Looking up, Applejack realised that Celestia had noticed her, and so wiped away her tear.

“Oh! Princess! Ah…it’s nothin.”

To that, Celestia titled her head.

“It was not so long ago that one of my most beloved times of the day was when ponies from across Equestria could come to me with their problems. And while the age we live in may not afford me such a time…I would like to think I can still listen.”

Applejack looked to her, seeing the honesty there, and turned from her. She wrestled with herself, looking more than a little hesitant over what she needed to say. But, even so, the offer had been put before her, and in this moment, in this place, she felt compelled to speak.

“It’s just…all this…this terrible world…it’s all because ONE pony wanted ta change things! And Twilight…she can’t fix it.”

Applejack shut her eyes tightly.

“It…it ain’t FAIR! Our world is ruined now! A monster rules in the north, our people have lost so much!”

Looking back to the princess, her eyes began to well up once more.

“Before…we were HAPPY! We had hopes, dreams! Now…it’s all gone! Ah wanted…just for a moment, ah wanted ta believe her when she said she could put it all right. But…”

Again, she stared at the ground.

“…but she CAN’T. And now…now we’ll just have to keep on living…knowing everything we were…everything we HAD…it’s all gone.”

And now, the floodgates opened, as Applejack’s tears finally flowed down her cheeks in earnest. The moment caused her to fall to her knees, and for a while, all that could be heard around them was the sounds of her sobs. Celestia, watching this, afforded herself a soft expression, trotting over to the weeping mare before getting down on her own knees. She waited, letting her subject get out all of the tears she had in her, before placing a hoof upon her shoulder. Feeling this, Applejack looked up to her princess as she spoke.

“Yes…it IS unfair. It’s unfair that our misfortune was caused by one whose heart was wracked with vengeance. It’s unfair that one change to a person’s life could have made everything so terrible. And it is also unfair that you had hope offered to you…only for it to be taken.”

Applejack remained silent, watching as Celestia, for the first time, broke out into a smile.

“But there is one hope we can cluing onto, Applejack. Out there, amidst the myriad of worlds and potential futures…there is one that is still bright and full of friendship. A world where you and I and everypony else are happy, where our hopes and dreams were truly realised.”

Looking into Applejack’s eyes, Celestia’s own were starting to well up now.

“And while we may never know that peace…I think it is still comforting to know that there is at least ONE Equestria…that the darkness of OUR world can never corrupt.”

Applejack didn’t know what to say. What COULD she say? She wanted to be angry, to be sad that the moment of fleeting hope she’d allowed herself was still gone, that the bright future Twilight had promised would never be seen here. And yet, her princess’ words continued to repeat themselves over and over in her mind, allowing her heart to feel, at the very least, easier than it had been in a long time. In the end, and after wiping away the last of her tears, the mare looked to the alicorn before her, smiling sweetly to her, before offering her final words.

“Ya know…I’d almost forgotten what it was like…ta not be unhappy.”
If there was one time that could safely be called the busiest of the entire school day, it would undoubtedly be the lunch hour. Here, when the school bell had rung and the classroom doors burst open, students from all over Canterlot High would pour out in droves, eager to get to the cafeteria to meet up with their various friends and cliques, as they did every day. Today was no exception, and before long, that very cafeteria was abuzz with the sounds of near two hundred students chatting away with one another. But, amidst all the different groups that could be found here today, one table bore three particular students for whom the school had a rather noteworthy history. The Dazzlings, aka, the Sirens of Equestria. Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk. All three of the Siren sisters were busying themselves with their respective lunches at this moment, with Sonata especially wolfing hers down with great enthusiasm.

“Unf! Tus ish wrilly gud!”

To that, Adagio turned to her with a raised eyebrow.

“Sonata, how many times do I have to tell you not to talk with your mouth full?”

Swallowing, Sonata frowned at that.

“Hmph! Pinkie doesn’t mind it!”

Adagio rolled her eyes.

“Maybe not, but she’s not here, is she?”

Sonata turned to her lunch, grumbling about the restrictions placed upon her by her sister. As for Aria, she just sat in-between the other two, as usual, casually poking her lunch with a fork and not really seeming all that excited about it. Had her sisters looked to her, they’d have noticed this more-than-average level of apathy in her, but, they soon found themselves paying attention instead to someone who only now arrived at their table. Looking to all three of them with a smile, it was none other than Sunset Shimmer, who, like them, was a native Equestrian. Clearing her throat, she caught their attention immediately.

“Mind if I join you?”

To that, Adagio shrugged her shoulders.

“Knock yourself out, dear.”

But, before she accepted that invitation, the former student of Celestia took a step to one side, revealing that, there, standing behind her, was ANOTHER girl. With her hair kept up in a bun and adjusting her spectacles in a nervous manner, this youth was Twilight Sparkle, formerly of Crystal Prep. Noticing this second arrival, Sonata began to smile widely.

“Hiya, Twilight!”

Chuckling slightly, Twilight afforded the Siren a small wave.


Sunset, smiling warmly to the girl, gestured to a nearby chair, and Twilight nodded in response. Without a word, the two took their respective seats, sitting opposite from where Adagio and her sisters were. Once there, Adagio leaned forward slightly, looking to Twilight with a raised eyebrow.

“So, enjoying your time here thus far?”

Twilight looked to the elder Siren, smiling and giving a brief nod.

“Oh! Yes, it’s wonderful here. So much less…regimental than Crystal Prep.”

Nodding, Adagio swept aside some of her copious orange hair before replying to that.

“Well, I hope you enjoy it here. It may have taken a while for my sisters and I, but I confess the place has rather grown on us somewhat.”

Hearing that, Sunset looked to her former rival with a smile. No words passed between them, but the Siren and ex-unicorn gave each other a knowing glance, eventually leading to a nod between them. Twilight looked from one to the other, not quite sure what was going on, but nevertheless decided to keep quiet. Instead, she turned to Aria, who had remained silent during all this. Although her expression clearly gave the impression of wanting to be left in peace, Twilight, apparently not having picked up on that, spoke to her all the same.

“So…Aria, right? How…how are things with YOU?”

The middle Siren sister looked up, raising an eyebrow, before giving a brief grunt.

“Fine, I guess.”

Twilight seemed a little taken aback by that, only to look to Adagio once more as she spoke.

“You’ll have to forgive my sister, Twilight. She’s never been the FRIENDLIEST of Sirens.”

To that, Sonata turned to her older sister with a big smile.

“That’d be ME, right, Dagi?”

Adagio rolled her eyes somewhat before replying.

“Yes, yes, Sonata.”

Twilight let out a brief giggle at this interaction, only to stop when something ELSE caught her eye afterwards. Her gaze became fixed upon something behind where the three Sirens were sitting, which caught not only THEIR attention, but also Sunset’s. After a while, the former Crystal Prep student finally broke the silence.

“Huh…I think there’s some boys over there who seem a bit…erm…interested in you.”

Sunset turned to see where Twilight was looking, and sure enough, as she’d said, there was indeed a collection of boys on a table some ways away from them who were giving the Dazzlings looks. And those expressions made it clear that “interested” was an understatement, as some in their number would not have been amiss with flashing hearts in their eyes. However, when they noticed that Twilight and Sunset were staring at them, they soon turned their attention over to their own lunches, hoping beyond hope to go unnoticed. But, rather than go over there, the two girls sat where they were, watching as Adagio let out a brief chuckle.

“Oh, I assure you, it’s nothing to write home about, Twilight. After all, when you’ve spent as long as WE have getting others’ attention…it sort of becomes second nature.”

To that, Twilight gained a look of slight confusion, prompting Sunset to lean over and attempt an explanation.

“Trust me on this, Twilight. You should have seen them BEFORE they turned good. This school did not know sex appeal came THAT intense until THESE three turned up.”

Looking to her, Adagio frowned slightly.

“I promise you, Sunset dear, our “appeal” has not diminished in the SLIGHTEST, good or NOT.”

Again, a knowing smirk passed between the two older girls, and all the while, Twilight looked from one to the other before starting to develop a slight blush upon her cheeks.


Shaking her head in a desperate attempt to get those kinds of thoughts out of her, Twilight turned once more to Aria.

“It must be nice, getting that kind of attention all the time.”

To that, Aria scoffed a little.

“Sure. Whatever.”

Hearing that, Twilight looked a little unsure, turning to Sunset.

“Um…was it something I said?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Sunset looked to Aria with a frown.

“Something bugging you?”

Looking to Sunset, Aria narrowed her eyes a little before replying.

“You tell me. Notice anything about those guys back there?”

Needless to say, Sunset was a little confused by this, but nevertheless began to look over to where the earlier boys were. Like before, they were once more staring at the Dazzlings. However, while she, at first, didn’t really notice anything that might upset Aria, Sunset, over time, began to take note of something odd. From where she was sitting, it appeared as if the guys over there were giving a great deal of attention over to Adagio, and even to Sonata. But as for Aria, while she’d occasionally get a glance or two, she was comparatively less of a focus.

“Huh,” Sunset remarked.

To that, Aria nodded.


Sunset gave her a look, seeing that same annoyed expression on her face, and decided that it might be best not to press the issue. However, to her irritation, Adagio had NOT felt that way, and turned to her sister with a slight smirk.

“Awww! Is our sister feeling left out?”

Aria gave a scowl to her older sibling.

“Well it’s not like YOU’VE ever had anything to worry about, Adagio! Everywhere we went in this world, it’s always been you and Sonata getting all the lusty looks. But me? It’s like I’m not even there most of the time! Only when we had magic and could enchant people with our songs did anyone ever look at me that way!”

Aria then turned to Sonata, looking equally as annoyed.

“Those times I DID get some fans of my own, it was only when you two already had more than you knew what to do with!”

Sonata, not worried by the clear anger her sister was displaying, instead looked past her and to Adagio.

“Huh. I never noticed that. Is that true, Dagi?”

Considering that, Adagio shrugged her shoulders.

“Perhaps. You’ve got that whole sweet and innocent thing going, and I, naturally, get attention because of…well…all THIS.”

In that typical Adagio way of hers, she struck a pose while sitting, earning her more than a few eye-rolls from those around her. Aria, by contrast, kept her gaze firmly on the elder Siren.

“Oh SURE! It’s all well and good for ADAGIO, right? Always the centre of attention! Whoop-de-doo!”

And with that, she let out a snort of anger, looking down at her lunch with fury. As for everyone else, they all passed nervous glances to each other, now fully feeling the awkwardness that had set into their little gathering. That is, except for Adagio, who regarded her angry sister carefully. After a while, she let out a sigh before reaching over and giving her a playful pat on the head.

“Oh, Aria. If you really wanted that kind of attention, you should have just SAID so. I know JUST the thing to get you out of this funk.”

Looking to her, Aria swatted her sister’s hand away before raised an eyebrow.

“Oh yeah? And what would THAT be?”

Smirking, Adagio gave her answer.

“Why, a BOYFRIEND of course!”

Silence fell after those words, during which, the girls all reacted in several ways. Sunset seemed incredulous, Twilight bearing another full-grown blush, Sonata clasping her hands and squealing with joy, and Aria herself keeping her eyebrow fully raised before letting out a dry chuckle.

“Oh, of COURSE! Get a boyfriend! Why didn’t I think of that?”

With Aria’s sarcasm as clear as day, Adagio frowned somewhat.

“There’s no need for THAT, sister.”

But Aria rolled her eyes again.

“Adagio, if getting a guy to be with me was that easy, I wouldn’t be having this problem in the FIRST place, now WOULD I?”

Adagio chuckled a little before answering that.

“My dear sister. I’m not suggesting you do this YOURSELF. After all, you’ve always had difficulty with that attitude of yours. Plus, our…well…failed take-over probably hasn’t earned us many admirers…aside from hormonal teenagers of course.”

Slumping back into her chair, Aria folded her arms.

“So…my sisters are gonna get me a boyfriend? Sure, THAT’S not depressing in the slightest.”

But, before Adagio could respond to that second bout of sarcasm, Sunset beat her to it.

“You know…you might be onto something, Adagio.”

As one would expect, this caused all heads to turn in Sunset’s direction, with Aria especially looking incredulous.

“Seriously? You’re going along with this? I’m not some petty girl who needs a GUY in her life to feel better.”

Sunset looked to her in a serious manner.

“I know you’re not. But you’re clearly bothered by the fact that your sisters get all that kind of attention more than you. If you had someone special, at least who’d want to go on a few dates or something, it’ll at least show that you’re not being ignored.”

Aria scoffed at that.

“Oh yeah? Good luck with that.”

Sunset opened her mouth, only to be stopped when Twilight began to speak up herself.

“Um…if you’re going to do this, finding her someone special, would it…er…be okay for me to write up about it?”

Looking to her, Sunset raised an eyebrow.

“What? Why?”

Poking her index fingers against one another, Twilight began to meekly answer.

“Well…I’m still new to a lot of this, and if I know ahead of time that someone is going to get herself a boyfriend, it might help me if I were to take a few notes.”

For a moment, Sunset looked a bit concerned.

“…Twilight? This isn’t going to be another STUDY, is it?”

To that, Twilight frantically shook her hands in a defensive posture.

“Oh no! I think we all know how well that went last time. This is just…curiosity.”

Watching this back-and-forth, Aria slapped her forehead in frustration.

“Ugh! This is so humiliating!”

But to her chagrin, she soon found Sonata moving forward to hug her tightly.

“Don’t worry, Ari! By the time we’re done, you’ll have yourself the sweetest, most loving guy we can find you! Won’t that be fun?”

Looking to her bubbly sister, Aria let out a sigh, speaking in her usual dismissive tone.

“Oh sure, letting others get me a guy because I can’t get one on my own. I can just FEEL the joy already.”

“Yay! THAT’S the spirit!” Sonata answered.
I'm Sexy Too!
Future chapters will be uploaded to Fimfiction.

MLP belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro.

A special shout-out to :iconwubcakeva: , as it was from watching one of her videos of voicing the Dazzlings that I came up with the title, and thus the fic that came along with it.
The long and empty halls of the Friendship Palace offered many an opportunity for echoes, and today, they rang with those of hoofsteps walking at a slow and steady pace. Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship, was strolling down these halls, her home, alongside a companion who, not so long ago, would have been very much against being near her; Starlight Glimmer. This one-time enemy of hers had done much in recent days, and yet, in spite of that, the young princess walked beside her with a smile on her face, as if nothing was wrong between them at all. However, Starlight herself was NOT smiling, instead looking, if anything, worried. As the two of them journeyed together, the unicorn turned to Twilight, pausing for a moment before finally speaking up.

“Um…Twilight? What are we doing exactly?”

Slowing down slightly, Twilight turned to her new student, retaining her soft expression even as her smile faded somewhat.

“Starlight…you may have come a long way in the last week, but, even after that, I can tell that you have a lot on your mind.”

Hearing that, Starlight looked away from her recent mentor, instead choosing to stare at the ground before them as they continued walking.

“You’re right. But…it’s not the kind of thing you can just forget about, Twilight. What I did…I don’t think I’ll ever be able to really forgive myself for it.“

But, rather than looking down or thoughtful over that, Twilight, of all things, actually seemed to brighten up after hearing her new friend’s words. Stopping for a moment, she reached over, placing a hoof gently upon Starlight’s shoulder. Feeling this, Starlight herself also stopped, looking to Twilight with slight confusion as the latter spoke.

“It won’t be easy, but I’m positive that you WILL be able to make it past these feelings. They’ll be with you for a long time, I’m sure. But, with help, you might at least be able to cope better than you HAVE been.”

To that, Starlight looked away, letting out a deep sigh.

“I…I appreciate that, Twilight. I truly do. But…I doubt very much that there’s anything you can say to really make me feel better about…about everything I’ve done to everypony.”

Looking to her, Twilight cracked a brief smirk, looking ahead as she spoke up.

“Oh, I never said that I would be the one to talk to you.”

That caught Starlight’s attention, and she looked to her mentor with a raised eyebrow. Twilight, by contrast, giggled slightly at this reaction before starting to happily trot off down the hall again. Though still unsure about all of this, Starlight nevertheless followed, tagging behind the young princess all throughout their walk, until, finally, they reached a door, smaller and less ornate than many in the rest of the castle. Starlight regarded it for a little while before looking to Twilight, who spoke in a more upbeat manner than the former would have considered appropriate.

“Starlight…you’re not the ONLY person that has turned from a dark path. There have been others, and while things between them and my friends and I may have started out difficult…they’ve arrived at a far better place in their lives than they were in before.”

Starlight regarded this, curiosity becoming her chief expression.

“You…you think these people can help me?”

Smiling, Twilight nodded.

“I know that they’ll at least TRY.”

Turning to the door, Twilight looked to it for a few moments before looking back to Starlight, offering her a hoof as she did so.

“So…are you ready for this?”

Needless to say, Starlight was more than a little nervous about all of this. Trying to become friends with others was one thing, but to open up to complete strangers about her hurtful feelings was quite another. But, looking to Twilight, and the reassuring expression she bore in her eyes, Starlight felt, if possible, more comfortable with this notion than she first thought. So, slowly, she reached out with her own hoof, placing it in Twilight’s, which earned her an even wider smile from the princess. So, together, they made their way forward, with Twilight’s horn lighting up as the door opened. There afterwards, Starlight regarded the room they’d entered, smaller, closer, and one might say more “cosier” than most of the rest of the palace. There were a few chairs, soft and comfortable-looking, and the unicorn could see that, as Twilight had said, they were already occupied.

“Good to see you again, Twilight.”

The first to speak had been a unicorn, like Starlight, with a fiery-coloured mane and a cutie mark of a sun. Looking to Twilight, this other unicorn wore a greatly affectionate smile, which Twilight eagerly returned. The second figure, yet again, was a unicorn, this one with a deep blue colouring in her fur, and a paler shade in her mane, bearing a mark of what appeared to be a magic wand. Starlight regarded her, seeing that, while she definitely seemed content and pleased to see Twilight, it was to a lesser degree than the first mare. As Twilight walked further into the room, Starlight followed, and soon afterwards, the two seated themselves. Starlight took a moment to enjoy the comfortable chair, looking to the other unicorns with curiosity.

“I, er…I assume you know who I am?”

They both nodded, with the blue mare speaking up for the first time.

“Indeed we do! But fret not! For the calm and un-judgmental Trixie is loath to pass blame, given her OWN actions.”

Starlight raised an eyebrow, turning to Twilight, who stifled a brief giggle before leaning closer to her, bringing her voice down to a whisper.

“Before you ask, yes, she ALWAYS talks like that.”

A smile crept onto Starlight’s face at that thought, but both she and Twilight looked over to the other mares afterwards, in particular, the one with the sun mark, who spoke next.

“You may have done a lot of terrible things, Starlight. But, like everypony else in this room, you’re not alone in that. Well…apart from Twilight of course.”

To that, the young princess gained a small blush as she waved her friend off. But, after a few moments of this, Starlight looked around, paying close attention to each figure in the room, before finally looking to Twilight, her expression one of uncertainty. However, she was prevented from saying anything, as Twilight regained her earlier smile as she spoke up, addressing the whole room.

“So…you all know why we’re gathered here today. Starlight has some things she needs to get off her chest. And since you’ve all been in bad places before, I think the best way to help her come to terms with this is to…well…help her to see that she’s not alone in this.”

The other unicorns nodded in agreement, all while Starlight remained just as unsure as she’d been this whole time. Looking from one to the other, Twilight spoke up again.

“So…who’s first?”

Before anypony else had a chance to say anything, Trixie stood first, clearing her throat before starting to speak out.

“Trixie shall go first. Long ago, she was a bright and prestigious show-mare, working hard to bring joy and entertainment to every village, town and city she came upon!”

Placing a hoof to her brow, Twilight got the feeling that this was going to be a bit more dramatic than she first considered. Even so, Trixie continued.

“But then, one day, her career ended when she happened upon Ponyville. There, fates conspired to bring an end to the image she’d maintained for herself, leading her down a path of anger and bitterness!”

Frowning, Trixie looked to Starlight, making sure she was paying attention before carrying on.

“That path led her to the alicorn amulet, an artefact of great and terrible power! Through its use, Trixie gained the vengeance she sought, but at a terrible price! For you see, the longer she wore the amulet, the more corrupted her heart became, until she was nothing more than a tyrant, inflicting terrible punishments upon all around her, no matter how small the sleight!”

Looking down, Trixie gained a somewhat morose look as she continued, and this time, her words were tinted with a distinctly more sombre tone.

“Had it not been the efforts of one Twilight Sparkle…Trixie might well have lost herself to that darkness entirely. It is a prospect that…that she has feared and regretted ever since.”

Turning, Trixie looked to Twilight, who offered her a smile, comforting her a great deal. The former show-mare, letting out a sigh, looked back to Starlight.

“Had Trixie maintained that path, and continued to let that feeling of being wronged dominate her…it would have been a TRAGEDY!”

Slowly, the blue mare got back into her seat, looking just as unhappy as she had been mere moments ago. Getting it off her chest did make her seem relieved to some degree, but it was clear that her story, her past actions, still ached for her. Twilight, moving closer, placed a hoof upon her shoulder, leading to Trixie smiling in response. No words were spoken, but the message was nevertheless clear; that forgiveness had been granted. It was a sight which, in all frankness, caused Starlight to feel in some ways at ease, despite knowing full well what she would have to confess to. However, before she got the chance to speak, the other mare stood up, catching her attention.

“I never formally introduced myself. My name is Sunset Shimmer. And a few years back…well…I was a student of Princess Celestia.”

That caught Starlight’s attention immediately, and she stared at Sunset more intently than she had with Trixie. And for this, Twilight could not blame her. After all, given what she knew of the mare, it was not hard to image that she may have difficulty being reminded of Celestia’s school. Even so, Starlight remained silent, giving Sunset the time she needed to get her thoughts in order.

“For a long time…I was Celestia’s star pupil. A prodigy in magic. No matter the spell, no matter the enchantment, I took to it like a fish took to water. And with every success, Celestia became all the more proud of me.”

For a moment, Sunset stopped, a look of nostalgia crossing her face. As before, Twilight could understand. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when she herself had been in Sunset’s position, always eager to learn more, especially if it meant impressing the princess. But, despite this, she kept her mouth shut, as did Starlight, when Sunset carried on.

“But…there came a day when Celestia took me to an ancient magical object of great power; the mirror portal. Through that mirror, I learned of the kinds of heights I could achieve…that of princesshood itself.”

However, as she recounted these events, Sunset’s face became one of regret.

“And when I learned of that…everything changed between us. I became impatient with Celestia, always pressing the matter of how I could advance. She kept warning me that to progress too quickly, without first learning the importance of friends, would be a dangerous road.”

Looking away, Sunset frowned.

“But I didn’t listen. And instead, I tried to learn by myself, without Celestia’s supervision. By betraying her trust, by reaching for what I should have known I wasn’t ready for, I hurt her. Words were said…and I was no longer welcome as her student.”

Like Sunset, Twilight’s expression became one of melancholy. Loving the princess as she did, the thought of losing her was too terrible to bear. But it was nevertheless a feeling she knew well, having come face-to-face with such a fate as of a result of the late King Sombra’s dark magic some years ago. To lose Celestia like that was a thought she did not welcome in the slightest. Sunset looked to her as she considered this, and together, they smiled, knowing without speaking that this connection was shared between them. And like before, with Trixie, Starlight regarded this with uncertainty. Turning, she gave her attention fully to Sunset as she carried on.

“Eventually, I used the mirror itself, journeying to another world entirely. There, I sought power and influence, destroying many friendships in my quest to get it. In the end, and after a terrible battle that I had started…I finally understood.”

For the first time in a while, Sunset broke into a smile.

“I understood what was missing in my life. By shutting others out, by refusing to make friends…I’d left myself in a bad place, never considering that I might be in the wrong. But…”

With tears forming in her eyes, Sunset looked to Twilight, giving her a warm smile.

“…but with Twilight’s help…I’ve become happier than I EVER had been before.”

Smiling back, Twilight moved forward, and together, the two mares embraced each other. Trixie too was moved, conjuring a handkerchief out of thin air to blow her nose. As for Starlight, she had taken in every word of what Sunset had just said, thinking them over carefully. But, it was nervousness that now gripped her, as all eyes turned to face her. She knew what they wanted out of her; the same thing they had given HER. But, she was hesitant, though nopony could blame her. However, as she looked to each in turn, they each gave her looks of reassurance, silently telling her that things would be okay. She still bore the clear signs of uncertainty, but even so, she got out of her chair, taking a few calming breaths before finally adding her own voice to this mix.

“When I was a filly…I had a friend. He was closer to me than anypony else. We did everything together, playing, studying…everything.”

Much like Twilight earlier, Starlight allowed herself to feel a wave of nostalgia wash over her, leading to a brief smile on her part. However, this was short-lived, as her expression soon became one of sadness soon afterwards.

“But…on the day he got his cutie mark…we drifted apart. Eventually…it reached a point where I never saw him again.”

Closing her eyes tightly, Starlight began to frown.

“And it was that day…when I began my path. By being as hurt as I was with his leaving…I led myself to think that those marks, those differences, drove ponies away from each other, that they DESTROYED friendships!”

Looking away, the look on Starlight’s face made it clear that the feelings still lingered there, as evidenced by the bitter tone she now took on.

“I…I did things. Terrible things. I made a community where I single-hoofedly took the cutie marks from everypony who lived there…”

Shame now crossed her face.

“…except MINE. I lied. I cheated. I made a false image of happiness by forcing everypony to give up that which made them special, all because I couldn’t understand that those differences were not what truly drove people apart.”

Turning, she looked to Twilight, and like her, she too appeared melancholic as she continued.

“When my lie was exposed, and my false paradise brought down…I ran. I stewed in my feelings of being wronged. I felt like it was everypony ELSE who was wrong, not me, and in that moment…I vowed revenge. I vowed that I would hurt the one who had brought me to that place.”

Narrowing her eyes at Twilight, Starlight’s voice was seething with anger.


Twilight took on a look of concern, as did Sunset and Trixie, and the latter two exchanged nervous glances, but, like before, they remained quiet as Starlight said everything she needed to say.

“I followed you. I studied you. I learned everything I needed to in order to take my vengeance. And when I did…it was terrible. I re-wrote the world itself to get my own back at you. So much did I feel I was right that the notion of my damaging the world and other ponies…it didn’t matter to me.”

But, at long last, the anger faded, from both her voice AND her expression.

“Only…only when you showed me the consequences of those actions did I understand just how wrong I was. In that moment…I knew I had been mistaken. I was the one who had done something terrible, not you. I put everypony at risk…just because I thought I was RIGHT.”

She shut her eyes again, not wanting to look anypony in the eye.

“If you hadn’t stopped me…I…I…I don’t want to think what could have happened…what I could have MADE happen.”

It had been something she’d been holding back for some time, but, in the end, tears began to form in Starlight’s eyes. Moment after moment passed, and in the silence, a single sound could now be heard. That of sobbing. Starlight’s knees wobbled, and eventually, the weight of her confession got to her, causing her to buckle and fall to the ground. Twilight approached her, slowly at first, and looked to her with a completely neutral expression. After a long while, and with tears streaming down her face, Starlight looked up to the young princess, her voice wobbling as she spoke.

“I…I never understood. Why? Why wouldn’t I understand…until now?”

Twilight, in spite of everything, actually started to smile at her, and she got to her knees, looking to her with warmth in her eyes.

“It may have taken a while for you to get there, Starlight…but you HAVE got there.”

Raising a hoof, Twilight placed it upon the mare’s shoulder, still smiling as she spoke up.

“Know this. You may have been alone for a lot of your life…you may have shut ponies out…but you’re not alone anymore. I’m here. We’re ALL here. And we’ll help you…whenever you need it.”

Starlight looked on in silence, glancing not only to Twilight, but also to Sunset, and then to Trixie. Together, the three mares looked to her with smiles, and with every passing moment, the weeping unicorn felt more and more comfortable. But, while the tears still came, they were now combined with a smile of her own, and as she let out a deep sigh, she knew there was only one thing she could possibly need to say to the princess before her.

“Thank you…my friend.”
As usual with my reviews, it will contain spoilers. Those of you who have not watched the episode yet, you have been warned.

The premise for this story is that Starlight Glimmer, vengeful after her defeat by Twilight and her friends, conjures a spell that could change Equestria’s history forever.

So, here we are, the season finale. And we start things off by having the episode make good on a concept that I have long hoped the series would explore more; time travel. Ever since it was introduced back in season two’s “It’s About Time”, I have very much looked forward to the day when the show would explore this concept more. It’s a massive idea that this kind of power, to go into the past and even potentially alter the way things play out, was brought up only to be ignored in succeeding episodes. Although Twilight herself hoped to use it at the time to make a big change to the way things went for her, nobody else in the show ever commented on it or how big a deal it is, with the exception of Twilight’s own remark about it earlier this season. So yeah, right off the bat the episode gets a plus point for finally expanding on an issue that I’ve been waiting a long time for the series to get around to.

Actually, it’s funny now that I think about it, that we had TWO season finales both preceded by the same episode, “It’s About Time”. First we had Cerberus’ abandoning his post leading to Tirek’s escape last year, and now we have the introduction of time-travel being expanded upon THIS year. And to think, I actually thought the episode wasn’t that important at the time. Go figure.

Now, as those who’ve read my reviews before will know, I give massive props to any episode that is able to make the audience relate to the situation the characters are going through. This episode, sadly, doesn’t get that distinction since, as you’ve probably guessed, this sort of time-altering stuff just doesn’t happen in real life. Even so, the concept itself leads to a great deal of drama for Twilight and Spike to have to deal with. Having them see their world, their friends, altered in such a dramatic way, clearly has a profound impact on them, making them feel helpless or that they didn’t do enough to prevent it. Two-part episodes have always stood out to me because they were where the real stakes and drama of the show were put forward, and this episode is no exception. It’s one of those stories where, with every passing moment you wonder just how Twilight and Spike are going to get out of it, or even if it’s possible at all for the problem to be resolved. Now, obviously, from past experience, we know that everything will work out in the end, so the drama does get undercut somewhat, but even so, the journey to get there was nevertheless an engaging one.

And I think now is the ideal time to discuss the catalyst of these events. I am, of course, referring to our villain of the piece, Starlight Glimmer. This is the first time in the history of the show where we have a villain being the main driving force of both a season opener AND that same season’s finale. All throughout the four episodes she’s been in, she came across as incredibly unnerving to me, like you never knew just what she was capable of or even when she was going to snap and lash out at someone. Plus, the fact that she manages to do all this, arguably the most real damage any villain has ever done so far, AND while being a regular pony instead of some ancient monster like we usually get, actually manages to make her all the more intimidating. Because it’s actually an understandable fear for our heroines to have. That the biggest threat they’ve ever faced comes not from some strange magical beast from ancient days, but from one of their own kind.

In addition to that, Starlight has, perhaps, one of the most disturbingly realistic motivations for doing the things that she does. She’s not out for conquest like Tirek or Queen Chrysalis, or for self-amusement like Discord, or even out of a sense of feeling unappreciated like Luna was when she became Nightmare Moon. No, Starlight does all this, rewrites history itself and puts many people at risk in doing so, all because she was a person who thought she was wronged, and that someone else needed to suffer for it. That, perhaps, makes her one of the scariest villains we’ve seen thus far, because, as I’m sure we all know, people like that exist in real life. People who are so convinced that they are in the right in terms of their own ideology that they’ll do terrible things to get their way, especially if it means hurting those who’ve opposed them in the past. Plus, the fact that she, as many a keen-eyed fan has pointed out, been effectively stalking Twilight throughout the season to come up with this revenge, actually makes her even MORE unnerving as a character to me, which is saying a lot.

By the end of this whole thing, we finally get an explanation for why Starlight is the way she is, and what drove her to commit the kinds of crimes she did. Now, on the one hand, the idea of having one’s friends drift apart from you leading you to do bad things is an understandable one, and you can really feel just how upset Starlight was made to feel with the loss of her childhood companion. However, on the other hand, the resolution of her role as a villain, and her accepting friends, felt just the tiniest bit rushed. The performances certainly helped it along though, and I do believe that seeing the consequences of her actions would have had a big role in her turn-around, but even so, the fact that she so eagerly embraced having new friends in this manner by way of musical montage is something I’m still somewhat on the fence about. Regardless, if she returns in future episodes as a regular, perhaps my opinion on the matter will change.

As the episode makes clear, the prevention of Twilight’s friends becoming friends in the first place has disastrous consequences for how things play out for the rest of Equestria, and if there’s one big plus this episode has in its favour, it’s that they do a great job of showing us how terrible things become if those events change. As a fan of speculative storytelling, seeing these various what-if scenarios was truly interesting to see, from Sombra’s war to a world run by Nightmare Moon. If I had one real complaint about it, it’s that, by the end, they sort of rush the alternate futures. While Sombra, Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon’s futures were all somewhat fleshed out, others, like those of Tirek and Discord, were just throwaway moments that didn’t really get expanded upon. But, that’s small criticism when you compare it to the larger good this story does in showing just how bad things in this world are without Twilight and the others.

When it comes to songs, this week we get as very nicely-sung number right at the tail-end of the story, showcasing how Starlight has come to embrace the ideals of friendship and is trying to make amends for her past actions. It’s nice to listen to and, when coupled with the accompanying images, creates a sweet little moment for the final scene of the season. However, if I’m being honest, the song does suffer from having come immediately after last week’s episode, “The Mane Attraction”. That episode, and the big song at its centre, “I’m just a pony”, were tremendously impressive musical pieces that easily stand out as the best songs of the season. Having this one come after makes it seem like a downgrade. But, taken on it’s ow merits, it still sounds great, and having the entire singing cast involved in it is always a plus for any song as far as I’m concerned.

Onto the humour now, and, as you’ve probably expected, this episode is fairly light when it comes to jokes. But then, that’s to be expected. As I said earlier and in past reviews, two-part episodes have always mostly been about serious drama and putting our heroines in bad situations. Granted, there have been funny moments in such episodes before, like Pinkie’s antics back in “The Crystal Empire”, but even so, stories like these are meant to be serious, not amusing. Because of this, there’s very little in the way of jokes I can really comment on, aside from a few brief moments involving Spike here and there. But then, that’s no real mark against the episode in any way. I like good serious stories when they’re given to me, even if they don’t make me laugh, and this one definitely hit it on the dead in that regard.

As for the moral of the story, two-part episodes have always been unique in terms of MLP stories in that, by-and-large, there is no real moral to be had. That’s not to say that there weren’t lessons there at all. After all, the season three opener had the idea of not having to everything yourself, or “Canterlot Wedding’s” message of trusting your instincts. But even in spite of moments like those, they’ve been fairly minor compared to the real thrust of these two-parters, which is the adventure and the darker moments. This episode, likewise, may have something of a moral, about how you shouldn’t let friends drift apart, and that it’s better to try and make friends than shut them out, but again, it’s something that occurs right at the end, rather than feeling like it was a part of the whole thing. Even so, the lesson is a good one, and the performances between Twilight and Starlight really made you feel like this was a turning point for the latter, so kudos to that one.

So, how did the season finale fare overall? Well, given all the good things I’ve had to say about it, I think it’s safe to say that this is a good story. The drama really had an impact on me as I watched it, Twilight and Spike’s plight always kept me engaged, we have a very sinister villain to thwart throughout it all, and, aside from a few nit-picks here and there, the episode didn’t really falter in the slightest for me. This is a really high-quality story for them to have given us, and it’s clear they went all out with this concept of just how much things could change if a few events were tweaked in the past. The struggle felt real and seeing our heroines come out on top in the end always brings a smile to my face. So, overall, I’d say that this is just as good a two-parter as what we were given at the start of the season, and easily one of the best episodes of the year. It’s a fine way to end the season and I highly recommend you watch it.

Now then, since the finale is over and done with, it’s tradition at this point for me to discuss how I felt about the season overall, and there’s a lot I want to get covered here. First and foremost, there seems to be an overarching theme in this season of helping others whenever possible. Granted, that’s been a message given in many a past MLP episode, but with both the cutie map arc as well as helping others to learn of things like the true benefits of their cutie marks, there really does seem to be the feeling that this season, above all else, is about our main cast going beyond their usual lives to help others. In addition, the message of being able to get along with others, regardless of whatever differences we may have with them, is also prevalent, going all the way to the start of the season. Learning to embrace what makes you special and using that to help those around you, that’s something the show has sought to praise this year. And all of that culminated nicely in Twilight’s reconciliation with Starlight.

And speaking of the overall story arc of the season, that’s something I think falters a little. Now. I’ve made no secret of the fact that, as a fan of big story arcs, I’ve considered that of the cutie map to be a fairly weak one, at least when compared to the arc of the secret box last year. Now, to be fair, this arc had a strong start with the season opener and served pretty well at the end here, but even in spite of that, its infrequent use throughout the middle section of the season always bugged me. However, apart from that, what helped to bolster this season were the various interactions between not only the main cast but also with the new and recurring characters. As I mentioned earlier, there was a big push in this season to have the regular cast go out and help others, and this served to provide many moments of interesting interactions and character combos, like Rainbow reuniting with Gilda to serve as one example.

If I had to sum up the season in a single word however, it would probably be “conclusion”. We had many instances here of various character arcs and story threads coming to a close, as well as a resolution of many things that have been left in the air for most of the series as a whole. The CMC finally getting their cutie marks. Rarity finally getting a shop in Canterlot. Twilight having finally moved past her initial awkwardness at being a princess, leading to her fully embracing the role. Luna confronting and coming to terms with her past crimes. And that’s just to name a few. If it wasn’t for the fact that I already knew that a sixth season was in the works, I’d easily suspect the MLP crew of engineering all this to bring the show to a definitive close. But, even if that wasn’t the case, it gave the season a sense of resolution that few other seasons have given me, making it feel all the more complete, even in the knowledge that there’s more to come.

But, now that I’ve discussed all that, there’s the obvious question of how I think this season ranks against those of the past. And here, I find myself in a difficult position. Because while I may offer more praise to one season or another for various reasons, I’ve always been of the opinion that no season is BETTER per se than any other. This season may have had its faults, but it more than made up for them with great character moments and some astonishingly good episodes, like “Amending Fences”. If I had to truly rank it, I’d say that, overall, I felt that it was about on par with season four, though not QUITE as high. The fact that we had fewer individual character focus episodes than we did last year was a big drawback to me, as season four gave pretty much EVERYONE in the main and supporting cast a moment in the spotlight.

Still, that’s season five. It was good, even though I felt some things could have been done better. We got some great episodes, some amazing moments of character development, a memorable villain, some remarkable songs and an overall very good feel to it. Like I said, I know a sixth season is in the works, as well as a full on NON-Equestria-Girls MLP movie to arrive in the next year or two. And just like everything else beforehand, I look forward to watching and reviewing all that comes our way.

Thank you all for reading my reviews of this season, and I hope to be back to it when MLP returns to our screens next.


United Kingdom
And here we have a reading of my fanfic, "A New Look", performed by the always-talented :iconwubcakeva:

Thank you to her for doing such a great job on it :)…

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