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United Kingdom
Some among my watchers have been asking when I will be getting back to writing my Equestria Girls fanfics. Until now I've been hesitant to carry on with them until I can think of a good enough place to take them, hence why it's been so long since the last time. However, as of now, I will be getting back to writing a new set of chapters, as I've had a particular story idea that I've been toying with for a while.

While I have begun work on the first of these chapters, it will not be ready in time for my normal submission time on Monday, as I already have a different fic ready for that day. Instead, the first of my new EG fics should be ready by next Monday at the latest.

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FlyingBrickAnimation 2 days ago   General Artist
Everything Wrong with Trade Ya!: flyingbrickanimation.deviantar…

Your review and mine seem to have a few similarities.
Very nice. I too enjoyed it in spite of it's many flas.
What music style would be interesting to try in MLP? Personally, I would choose Blues music.
That might work. I can actually sort of see AJ having an episode with that sort of tune to it.
AJ could do that. I could see Daniel Ingram taking hints from other famous Blues artists like Hugh Laurie. (yeah, House is a Blues artist, surprising, eh?)
Now this isn't something I take too seriously, Now in my stories he's a good guy....But how about the idea of Twilight and Garble
If that's the kind of pairing you like, then go for it.
I'm sure Spike would approve.
Wholeheartedly, in fact! :D

The Diamond Dogs better look out... :devilish:
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