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United Kingdom
Some among my watchers have been asking when I will be getting back to writing my Equestria Girls fanfics. Until now I've been hesitant to carry on with them until I can think of a good enough place to take them, hence why it's been so long since the last time. However, as of now, I will be getting back to writing a new set of chapters, as I've had a particular story idea that I've been toying with for a while.

While I have begun work on the first of these chapters, it will not be ready in time for my normal submission time on Monday, as I already have a different fic ready for that day. Instead, the first of my new EG fics should be ready by next Monday at the latest.

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What music style would be interesting to try in MLP? Personally, I would choose Blues music.
That might work. I can actually sort of see AJ having an episode with that sort of tune to it.
Now this isn't something I take too seriously, Now in my stories he's a good guy....But how about the idea of Twilight and Garble
If that's the kind of pairing you like, then go for it.
I'm sure Spike would approve.
Wholeheartedly, in fact! :D

The Diamond Dogs better look out... :devilish:
Say, do you know if we're allowed to do responses on Deviantart? Like those videos you see on YouTube where someone tells what they thought about something. There's this person here that I've really wanted to try and tell him what I think about him, not in a mean way, of course. 
You'd probably need to ask an administrator of the site, because I have no idea.
will you do more fanfic adaption of other comics? (Like celestia and spike team-up?
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