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The day had passed on like it usually did, peacefully and without incident, as the final strokes of the clock at last ebbed away, leading to the inevitable bell that signalled the end of classes. In a frantic rush, the students of Canterlot High charged out from their various rooms, gathering up their things, putting stuff away in lockers, meeting up with their various cliques and making their way home at long last. The atmosphere was one of excitement, as was so often the case at the end of a school day, and within mere moments after the bell had rung, virtually ALL of CHS had become empty. That is, except in one lone hallway, where Sunset Shimmer was taking a bit longer than usual to get her things in order. But, as always, she finally did so, and began to walk towards the exit with her bag slung over her shoulder.

After leaving, she began to walk in the direction of Sugar Cube Corner, ready to meet up with her friends. However, it was here that she stopped, having caught sight of someone out of the corner of her eye. Turning, her expression turned to surprise, and then to a happy smile, as she saw that there, standing nervously at the front steps of the school, was Twilight Sparkle. But this was not Princess Twilight of Equestria, but rather the Twilight of THEIR world. Specifically, the star pupil at CHS' long-time rival, Crystal Prep, who had only recently competed against them in the "Friendship Games". Sunset, still smiling, walked over to the spectacled girl, who at last noticed her and began to smile back in response. Only when the two were a few feet away from each other did Sunset finally speak up.

"Hey there, Twilight. Didn't expect to see you back here so soon. I thought your transfer wasn't gonna be finalised for another few days?"

Twilight nodded at that, adjusting her glasses slightly before answering.

"Yeah. I guess I just wanted to come over before that."

After that, the timid-looking girl looked away a little.

"I'll admit that, after everything that happened, it was kinda hard for me to really feel comfortable being here. All that magic and, well..."

At that, Sunset let out a brief giggle.

"I know. It was...crazy."

Looking to her, Twilight paused for a moment before breaking out into a smile, after which the two girls started to laugh together. When the laughter died down, Sunset took a step forward, gently giving Twilight a friendly pat on the shoulder, which the latter smiled back at in appreciation. With one hand, Sunset gestured down the road, silently inviting Twilight to join her, and it wasn't long before the message was understood. Nodding back to her, Twilight soon began to follow Sunset as the latter began to walk off.

"So, how have things been at Crystal Prep the last few days?"

Twilight let out a sigh before answering.

"Pretty hectic. All that stuff about magic and other worlds, was hard to take in."

Sunset nodded at that.

"Don't worry. I won't judge. Besides, you remember what everyone at THIS school was like when they found out about that kind of stuff?"

At that, Twilight stopped for a moment, looking to Sunset with confusion.

" I don't think I was here for that."

Now stopping herself, Sunset gained a look of realisation, and then of embarrassment, as she chuckled nervously and scratched the back of her head slightly.

"Oh. Right. Sorry. I guess I'm still forgetting that you're not...well...HER."

It took a few moment for Twilight to realise what Sunset was talking about, but when she did, her expression became one of understanding.

"Ah. You mean the one you spoke of before? The...OTHER Twilight? The one who came through the portal during our picnic?"

Sunset nodded, prompting Twilight to look off into the distance with a ponderous look.

"Another me...who looks just like me...but also happens to be a magical talking pony princess."

Letting those words sink in a bit, Twilight shook her head before letting out a grunt of annoyance.

"Ugh! I thought I could handle all this weird nonsense when you told me about it, but…argh! I don't think I'll ever be able to look at the world the same way AGAIN after all this!"

Seeing the way Twilight was struggling to take it all in, Sunset, to Twilight's slight annoyance, simply let out a chuckle.

"Like I takes some time to get used to it. But I'm sure you'll manage. You're smart, remember?"

Looking to her, Twilight gained a slight blush at receiving such praise.

"Thanks. So are you, Sunset."

The fiery-haired girl smiled and nodded before looking away from Twilight, before then pointing off to something in the distance. Turning, Twilight saw that it was Sugar Cube Corner, and so put on a smile before, like Sunset, starting to walk off towards it. As they did so, however, they noted a pair of Sunset’s fellow students, a boy and a girl, walking in the opposite direction. When these two newcomers caught sight of Twilight, and her Crystal Prep uniform, they narrowed their eyes at her slightly, though said nothing as they walked past. Seeing this, Twilight looked down at the ground, and Sunset looked to her with an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry about that. It's just..."

But Twilight raised a hand, stopping her.

"No, it's fine. After everything I did...everything I ALMOST did...I'd be surprised if they weren't hesitant about being near me."

She considered that for a few moments before carrying on.

"Even if I didn't have all that behind me...I'm still TECHNICALLY part of Crystal Prep, at least for another few days yet. Our schools have been at each other's throats for years. I can't expect them to become friends overnight, even after what happened. Besides, there have been one or two back at MY school who aren’t exactly happy that I spend so much time with you or the other girls."

Sunset looked to her carefully for a few moments before adding her voice to the mix.

"You know...have you considered changing your look? Since you'll be going to CHS soon, it might, you know..."

Twilight looked down at her uniform, tugging at the hem of her jacket a little before looking back up at Sunset.

" unorthodox as it is, I was thinking of KEEPING my uniform while at CHS. It just Although..."

She looked away before continuing.

"...I doubt it'll help anybody there forget everything that happened."

Sunset looked away, a slightly pained look upon her face.

"Believe me...I know that all too well. When you've spent a long time disliking a takes a LONG time for that to give way to something better."

Twilight looked to her with curiosity, seeing a look on Sunset's face that told her that there was definitely a story behind those words. Sunset had already given her a fair bit of info about herself during their magical confrontation, but despite that, she knew there was more to be told. Even so, it was also a look that warned Twilight not to enquire to deeply, at least not yet. After all, the last thing she wanted right now after having made a friend like Sunset was to risk losing it by opening up whatever old wounds were on the girl's mind. So, the two simply walked together in silence for a few more minutes, after which, Sunset put on a small smile and turned to Twilight yet again.

"You know...I've been thinking."

The spectacled girl looked to her with a raised eyebrow, prompting Sunset to continue.

"Now that all that Friendship Games chaos is behind us, have you ever know...having our groups mingle a little?"

At that, Twilight looked quite taken aback.

"You mean...Wondercolts and Shadowbolts actually...SOCIALIZING with each other?"

Sunset nodded in confirmation of that, leading to Twilight looking off and thinking the matter over carefully.

"'s not IMPOSSIBLE. I mean...if I can become friends with you girls, I guess my classmates can too...maybe."

Looking back to Sunset, Twilight's expression was one of concern.

"But are you sure about this? Like I said, our schools have never been friends…and it took all of that craziness at the Games just to get us to stop all this rivalry stuff. I mean...I know we were all friendly with each other at the end back there, friendlier than we've EVER been in fact. But...history doesn't just fade in an instant like that."

At that, Sunset smiled and began laughing a little.

"Trust me. I'm pretty much the poster girl for proving that anyone can be friends with anyone. It'll take time, that much is clear...but yeah, I think it can happen."

Twilight considered that for a few moments before exhaling deeply, after which she gave a single nod.

"Okay. If you really want to try, then I guess I can talk to some of the girls back at Crystal Prep. I may be transferring out soon, but I think I can still get them to hear me out. Not sure it'll go over well...but I think they'd at least be willing to TRY."

Sunset nodded back, looking ahead as they both reached Sugar Cube Corner.

"I know. It won’t be an easy sell on MY side either."

Raising a hand, Sunset pushed open the door to the Corner, and almost immediately, she caught sight of her friends inside. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were all there, sitting in their usual place, and gave the girl a friendly wave in greeting. She waved back, stepping aside to reveal that Twilight was with her, at which point the other girls took on looks of surprise. Although at first worried at this, Twilight soon felt relief as she saw that, one by one, the others put on smiles as they began to wave to her as well. Turning, Twilight looked upon Sunset, who smiled back at her and gave her another pat on the shoulder, before speaking in a somewhat hushed manner.

"But then...what better outcome could there be for the Friendship Games...than for some ACTUAL friendships to be born from it?"
On most days, Sugar Cube Corner was, without question, one of the most popular hang-out spots in all of Canterlot, with virtually every person in that town having gone there at some point in the week. Today, however, things were relatively calm, which was fine for the store's owners, the Cakes. With all the custom they'd been having, a little bit of peace and quiet every once in a while never hurt anyone. That being said, there WERE a few locals sitting in the place and having a good time there, most notably, Pinkie Pie. This student of Canterlot High, perhaps most famous about town for her boundless energy and enthusiasm, was currently in the middle of downing a strawberry milkshake, a loud sucking sound echoing throughout the shop as a result.

But, she was not alone here today, as there, sitting beside her, was one of the infamous Dazzlings, Sonata Dusk. Despite their rather "dark" intentions during their first meeting, both Pinkie's group of friends, the Rainbooms, and Sonata's had managed to become friends, however unlikely that might have seemed. As for right now, the blue-haired girl was in the middle of eating a large plate full of delicious-looking donuts, smiling all the way.

"Umph! Phwis ish wiffy gud!"

Pinkie looked up from her drink, giggling slightly at the sight of Sonata having stuffed her face full of those confectionaries, with her cheeks currently puffing out like a squirrel.

"Silly! You gotta SWALLOW before speaking!"

Realising this, a slight blush appeared on Sonata's cheeks before, as requested, swallowing the whole lot in one go. Although it seems as if this might have been too much too quickly, she soon got over it, smiling right back at Pinkie soon afterwards.

"Sorry. I was trying to say it tasted REALLY good!"

Pinkie leaned back into her chair and folded her arms, a look of pride crossing her face.

"Well SURE it does, Nata! It was made by the Cakes! The best bakers in all of Canterlot! With a little help from yours truly of course!"

Sonata let out a gasp before pointing to Pinkie.

"Really?! YOU helped make these?!"

Pinkie nodded at that before pointing her own finger over at the nearby counter, where Mrs Cakes were standing and getting ready to just do a little bit of cleaning.

"Yep! I started working here part-time a couple of summers ago. The Cakes are REALLY nice to me and they let me help out with pretty much EVERYTHING!"

Hearing that, Mrs Cakes, who had started to wipe the counter, looked over to Pinkie with a smile of her own.

"Oh hush! We'd have probably hired you even if we DIDN'T need the help! You are truly a wonder in the kitchen, Pinkie, you really are."

Pinkie waved her off with a look of slight embarrassment.

"Aw, shucks, Mrs Cakes!"

Looking back to Sonata, Pinkie then pointed to her plate of donuts.

"You really like em?"

Sonata nodded enthusiastically at that.

"For sure! We never got the chance to eat stuff like this when we were out on the road. It was always stop here, stir some trouble, feed off the negative energy, then do it over and over again. Kinda got tiring after a while."

Pinkie frowned slightly at that.

"Didn't you ever, ya know, feel BAD about that?"

Sonata shrugged her shoulders.

"Sure...but we gotta eat, right? We're Sirens and...well...THAT kinda stuff was our food."

Pinkie considered that for a moment, only to then break out into another big smile.

"Well, those days are behind you. You're nasty amulets are broken and you get to eat REAL food whenever you want!"

Hearing that, Sonata's expression became somewhat dour, and she raised her hand, gently placing it upon her bare neck. Seeing this, Pinkie immediately knew what was going on in the blue girl's mind, and her smile faded instantly, replaced instead by a rather guilty expression.

"Oh! I'm...I'm sorry! I know you still miss your singing and stuff."

After a good deal of silence between the two, Sonata began to shake her head.

"'s fine. I know our singing did a lot of bad stuff. It's just...I miss it."

Pinkie nodded.

"You WAS pretty. Your singing, I mean. Even if it was...well...causing evil stuff and all"

Looking to her, Sonata offered her a small smile in response.

"Thanks. That means a lot."

For a brief moment, Sonata seemed hesitant to speak, with her eyes darting away from Pinkie and then back again. But Pinkie herself noticed this, and, in a feat most wouldn't normally think of her, sat there, waiting patiently for her former enemy to speak. In the end, she did just that.

"I...I've been practising. My singing. I think it's getting better,'s not as good as it USED to be."

Pinkie tilted her head slightly.

" you wanna sing to somebody?"

Sonata looked up at her, a small smile creeping onto her face.

"Yes...I would like that."

At that, Pinkie broke out into an even wider smile.

"Well shoot, Nata. Why didn't you say so? I'd LOVE to hear you sing!"

Hearing those words, Sonata seemed taken aback slightly.

" MEAN that?"

Raising her hand, Pinkie placed it upon Sonata’s shoulder, nodding as she did so.

"I Pinkie promise that I do!"

With that said, Pinkie made an "X" mark over where her heart was before then cupping the space over one of her eyes. Although Sonata had no real clue as to why she did that, she nevertheless continued to smile.

"Thank you. It's been so long since somebody actually WANTED me to sing for them! I'd almost forgotten what that feels like."

Pinkie gave her a reassuring look.

"Don't you worry, Nata. This time, it'll be even BETTER than before. You'll see! Having someone want you to sing will be WAY better that using freaky-deaky MAGIC to get them to want it!"

Becoming practically giddy at all of this, Sonata squealed slightly before lunging forward, embracing Pinkie in a hug, which was enthusiastically returned.

"Thank you, Pinkie! You are so totally NOT the worst!"

Pinkie simply smiled at that.

"Thanks! YOU'RE not the worst either...whatever that means."

As they broke apart from each other, both with a smile from ear-to-ear, they turned in unison towards Mrs Cakes, who had finished cleaning and was instead casually making her way over to them.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, girls. But would you two like anything else before you go today?"

At that, Sonata looked uncharacteristically ponderous for a moment, before turning to Pinkie with some uncertainty in her expression.

"What do you think, Pinkie? Should we get ourselves another cake to eat or something?"

Turning to her, Pinkie raised an eyebrow and let out a brief scoffing sound before giving an answer that, frankly, Sonata should have expected.

"Well duh! As if you even need to ASK?"
The bell rang loudly throughout the hallways of Canterlot High, and for most students, they knew exactly what that meant; lunchtime. Immediately, doors burst open all over the place, and a veritable flood of boys and girls began to stream out of their respective classes. Within moments, they'd all managed to hook up with their various friends and cliques, and those who weren't heading immediately for the cafeteria instead stayed to get their things sorted out at their lockers. In time, the halls became less and less crowded, and at last, it was possible to actually hear oneself think without the hustle and bustle of it all. One such remaining student was a young teenage girl, whose long brown hair was tied back into a ponytail and who wore a distinct red hoodie. After putting her books aside in her locker, she turned, ready to head off to lunch, and it was here that she stopped dead in her tracks.

For there, walking down the hallways was one of Canterlot High's more infamous students. Wearing a memorable and mostly-purple attire, bearing copious amounts of puffy orange hair and walking along as if she owned the place, was none other than Adagio Dazzle. Though appearing as a girl, she was, in truth, a Siren from another world, although for most, she was simply one of three who had attempted to take over the school, and by extension the world not long ago. As such, many gave her a wide berth, choosing instead to focus on other things. That is, except for the aforementioned girl by her locker, who simply couldn't take her eyes off the Siren. As Adagio walked past her, she paused for a moment, turning to see the way the girl was looking at her with her mouth hanging open. After a few minutes of silence, the older girl put on a slight smirk.

"Well...good to know SOMEONE appreciates a good thing when they see it."

And then, for just a brief moment, Adagio gave a quick wink to the girl, before heading back off down the hallways. To this, the girl simply stood there, transfixed by what had just happened, and only began to move normally after Adagio was no longer in view. Shaking her head, she realised that she was being stared at by a lot of her fellow students and so coughed nervously as she turned to finish off what she was doing at her locker. When that was done, she closed it, instead choosing to walk off to the cafeteria. Thankfully, it didn't take her long to get there, and soon she was doing her best to make her way through the mass of students all trying to get their respective meals. After she finally managed to get a plate of food for herself and get it onto a tray, she now had a similarly-difficult task; finding a place to sit in all of this.

It took a while, but she eventually spotted a table with a free space, far off on the other side of the room. Making her way over, she noted that the free seat was right next to another student, a boy, with short brown hair and wearing a simple blue shirt, who was currently too busy eating his own sandwich to notice her. Taking a seat, the girl started to tuck into her own meal, though it was only in a half-hearted manner, as her mind was instead focussed on what happened back in the halls. The memory of Adagio and what she’d said to her repeated themselves over and over in her mind. So much so that she failed to notice that she was being watched, as the boy beside her finally spoke up.

"Well...somebody looks happy today."

The girl turned to him, looking slightly embarrassed about having gone into daydream-mode like that, and let out a nervous cough.

"Yeah...well...I guess I'm just in a good mood today," she replied bluntly.

To that, the boy gained a look of curiosity.

"Wanna talk about it?"

The girl raised an eyebrow.

"What? Just talk about it? Just like that?"

The boy gave out a brief chuckle.

"Well, I guess I like some conversation during my meals."

The girl nodded, acknowledging that point, perhaps even sharing it to a degree.

"Fair enough. What's your name?"

Hearing that question, the boy put on a smile and offered a hand.

"It's Jay."

Looking at the hand, the girl put on a smile of her own before taking it and giving it a good shake.

"Cupcake. Cupcake Slash."

Nodding at that, Jay let go of her hand before getting right down to business.

"So, Cupcake, what's new in your world?"

To that, Cupcake began to look around, almost nervous about the prospect of saying what she wanted to say.

"Okay, you PROMISE you're not gonna tell anyone about this?"

Jay looked somewhat confused at that, looking around in a similar manner before nodding, silently agreeing to those terms. Seeing that, Cupcake let out a long sigh before starting to explain herself.

"Okay...well...the thing is...I kinda...have this person I sorta look up to. I think she's awesome, but...I'm not sure if anyone else would really...APPROVE of me liking her."

And THAT was something that caught Jay's interest immediately, as he gave her his full attention now.

"Oh? Who is it?"

Yet again, Cupcake looked around, making absolutely sure that nobody else was listening.

"Okay. It's...Adagio."

To that, Jay looked somewhat taken aback.

"Adagio? As in...Adagio Dazzle? The leader of the Sirens?"

Cupcake nodded, looking away from him for a moment.

"I know! I know she tried taking over the world and stuff, and yeah that would have sucked for the rest of us, but...I can't help it!

Finally, she turned to look at him in earnest again, now bearing a far more enthusiastic look than before.

"It’s can I not like her?! She's so...confident! sure of herself! She walks into a room and it's like she's the best thing in it!"

Jay nodded at that.

"Good point. She DOES have a real sense of independence about her. I can understand how you might idolise her."

However, Cupcake began to look confused as she kept her eyes on him.

"'re not mad? I mean...I know I like her, but...she kinda has a bad rep at this school."

To that, Jay started to look somewhat guilty, taking a moment to look over his shoulder before looking back to Cupcake.

"Well...if I’m being honest, I know..."

But he didn't have the chance to finish, as Cupcake immediately broke out into a massive smile, grabbed hold of him by the shoulders and looked right onto his eyes.

"Oh my gosh! YOU like her too?!"

Still somewhat nervous as being handled this way, Jay fumbled a bit before getting out a coherent sentence.

"Well...yeah. I mean, like you said, what's NOT to like? She's strong-willed, she has a real strength of character, she...she..."

But Cupcake, hearing him speak, simply raised an eyebrow.

"You think she's hot, don't you?"

Immediately, Jay looked down, somewhat ashamed.


However, as Cupcake finally released him, she gave him a quick pat on the shoulder.

"Don't worry about it. I mean...I’ve kinda thought about her like that myself."

Hearing that, Jay looked up, looking a little surprised.


Cupcake placed her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes.

"Sure. I mean...just LOOK at her."

Jay considered that before nodding.

"Hmmm...good point."

Looking away from him, Cupcake gained a look that gave the distinct impression that she was daydreaming again.

"She's so AWESOME! I mean...she's beautiful, sexy, turns heads EVERYWHERE. I can I not look up to that?"

Jay looked to her, thinking over her words.

"Well...I'm sure YOU can have those qualities. I mean...not that you don’t already…I mean…you know..."

Turning to him, Cupcake raised an eyebrow before putting on a small smile.

"Thanks. You're sweet. A bit of a goof, but still, sweet."

Jay looked away, seeming somewhat nervous.

"Believe me, I'm trying my hardest to NOT sound like I’m actually attempting to flirt with you right now."

To that, Cupcake chuckled.

"Trust me...I don’t think ANYONE would ever accuse YOU of flirting."

Looking to her, Jay looked both relieved and a little uncertain.

"Thanks...I think?"

But, ignoring him for the time being, Cupcake looked instead to her fellow students, all of whom were still busy with their lunches.

"I just wish the rest of these guys would appreciate her a bit more. I mean sure she tried to mind control them, but, you know, that's no reason to HATE her, right?"

Jay nodded.

"Indeed. They should like her more...if only because she's so..."

"Sexy?" Cupcake finished.

"Well...yeah, okay."

The two turned, looking at each other, and for a brief moment, there was understanding, as all pretence was completely dropped. They moved closer, looking far more enthusiastic than before, and simply began to gush to their hearts content.

"She's so GREAT!" Cupcake blurted.

"The way she moves!" Jay added.

"The way she SANG! Which, by the way, totally sucks that she and the other two can't do that anymore, thank you VERY much, Rainbooms!" Cupcake continued.

"And that smirk she has sometimes? It just...argh it stays in your head! But in a GOOD way!"

They both opened their mouths, ready to no doubt deliver yet more mutual admiration of the Siren, only to be halted when they both heard an "ahem" coming from behind them. They knew that sound well, for it was not the sound of someone trying to clear their throat, but rather someone trying to gain someone else’s attention. They looked to each other, and for a moment, they had a silent-yet-shared instinct as to who it was they would see when they turned. Gulping, they finally DID turn, and when they’d finished doing so, they found that their instincts had been right on the money, as there, standing before them with a hand on her hip, was Adagio herself. The Siren looked to them with that smirk that Jay had so openly admitted to liking, and looked the two over before letting out a dry chuckle and speaking up at last.

"Oh, don't mind me. You carry on. I do so enjoy hearing what my fans have to say about me."

Slowly, the two looked back to each other, looking utterly mortified that their mutual gushing had been witnessed like this.

"I don't suppose you have a bag I can put on my head after this, do you?" Cupcake asked.

Reaching around behind himself, Jay, to her surprise, actually produced just that, a paper bag with holes pre-cut in it for eyes.

"I never leave the house without one."
MLP belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro.

Cupcake Slash is an OC of :iconwubcakeva: , who very kindly allowed me to use her for this fic.

Cover art by :iconsiansaar:

Jay belongs to me.


United Kingdom
And here we have a reading of my fanfic, "A New Look", performed by the always-talented :iconwubcakeva:

Thank you to her for doing such a great job on it :)…

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